Empowering women to move on

Trauma, anxiety and stress do not have to define you or your future success. I specialise in coaching women to release challenging emotions and live their lives with self-awareness, energy, and balance. 

When we can identify and express our emotions in a healthy way, we can naturally choose the best actions we need to take so that we can thrive.

I use a person-centred approach so that you can successfully live a more joyful, fulfilling and balanced life 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Learn from the past
  • Increase your confidence
  • Create new habits
  • Love more wholeheartedly
  • Work smarter with passion

  …and find a more natural way to flourish 

Stress Release

Mindful Walk and Talk
Personalised Meditation
Flourish Circle – New to 2021


Explore a problem
Desensitise the past
Feel better

Life Coaching

Design your future
Activate new habits
Achieve success

Free Consultation

My service is discreet, flexible and tailored to you. 

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About Sarah Jane

I have been working with women in personal development and service design for over 20 years through training, coaching and project management across public services. 

It is through this work, and my own personal development, that I have noticed; it is how we feel about ourselves, and how we learn to change our emotional responses that makes the real difference to our quality of life and achieving meaningful success.

I am an experienced Life Coach, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integrated Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a member of the ACCPH and IEMT Associations.