About Us

Here at the Dorset Flourish Centre, we believe that emotional health matters because our feelings drive everything we think, say, and do.

Our life experiences can weigh us down and especially through emotional times we can be left feeling stressed and totally exhausted.

But is not what is happening to us that matters, it is how we feel and think about ourselves and the challenges that we face, which makes the real difference to our quality of life and future success.

So, our services are here to help inspire, connect, and empower people to flourish.

Introducing SJ

SJ founded the Dorset Flourish Centre with 20+ years of experience in training, coaching and a career in project management across health and care services. 

SJ specialises in helping people to recover from the stress of trauma, anxiety, and flashback memories with her skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integrated Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), and uses Life Coaching to inspire and motivate her clients to enjoy rebuilding their lives once again.

She is passionate about creating a quality group experiences through the Flourish Circles and is on a mission to shake up wellbeing in the workplace!

Introducing Mike

Mike is the heartbeat of the business making sure things run smoothly. He helps with administration, website design and maintenance and all things technical. He also makes a great cuppa!

He has been playing with new technology from the early days of home computers and word processors, touching on many aspects of the industry, but primarily specialising in technical support.

More recently, he has worked on web and graphic design for the Dorset Flourish Centre, and is a keen wildlife and landscape photographer, which brings the magic of nature into our work and our lives.