About Me

About Me

It is a pleasure to share my story with you here in the anticipation you may take start to believe that no matter who you are, or what has happened to you in your life, you can change your future if you want to…

‘no matter how hard I tried, life always knocked me back down “where I belonged”…’

I always felt a bit of a misfit in society…after a fall out with my parents, finding myself homeless at 18, through years of personal debt, divorce, single parenthood, raising my son, learning new skills, losing large amounts of weight, having a successful second marriage and building a new career…I never really felt that I had achieved anything worthwhile. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, life always knocked me back down “where I belonged”.

Although resilient, I was always my harshest critic, constantly striving for excellence and pushing for more. I used food as comfort to repress my feelings and weight management became my demon. Topping 315 lbs at my highest weight, I hated my body, I loathed myself and I gave myself a really hard time with constant diets and fitness plans which never fixed the problem long term. I was constantly trying to improve myself through relentless self-help books, courses and professional progression through my career.

Sarah Jane Woods – Coach for women
Sarah Jane Woods – Coach for women
Sarah Jane Woods – Coach for women
‘...ready to retire from life...’

I reached a point when my health, both physical and mental, had declined and all I felt was tired, resentful, frustrated and frazzled… I was ready to retire from life.

I did not like the person I had become, the body that I had, or the way I always needed approval from others to feel any sense of worth or confidence. My physical and mental health were both suffering, my body was racked with painful arthritis, so even walking was an effort. I was constantly stressed and I embarrassingly cried whenever I talked about my achievements… which never ever seemed enough compared to others. I felt stuck in the same loop and that my time was running out…

‘…find a more harmonious way to live.’

Somehow, I knew I needed to find a way to stop. Step away from this “warrior” existence and find a more harmonious way to live. There just had to be a better way of living without the constant pressure I put on myself to succeed.

‘…and everything else just clicked into place’

Then, I found out about life coaching and it transformed all areas of my life. My coach inspired me, believed in me and encouraged me to believe that I could have a different future. I got to know myself, found my joy and purpose and everything else just clicked into place. I realised that the only person who was limiting my success was me!

I was able to walk away from my self-limiting beliefs, design my life and truly appreciate myself, using life’s experiences as feedback, not a failure…

I found a certainty within, a calmness and a deep sense of joy that I had never experienced before. I understood and accepted who I was and I felt an inner sense of peace and wholeness. Priceless!

I live a happy, healthy flourishing life...

I now love myself and my life… I nourish strong roots of self-care every day, I know what does not serve me and I have the confidence to do anything I desire. I live a happy, healthy flourishing life with my husband and soul partner Mike of 15 years in the beautiful Poole, Dorset. I feel privileged that my clients invite me to empower them to live a life that they love and I know I will keep learning and growing to add value to my clients over the years to come simply because it is what I love to do…

‘…I believe you are awesome and you will flourish too’

So however you feel right now, whatever has happened to you…allow me to guide and walk alongside you to help you to move on. Let us see how brightly you can shine and what you can do when you truly appreciate all that you are and believe in all you do. There will be much laughter and tears along the way, but it will certainly be worth it and I will be here every step of the way… because I believe you are awesome and you will flourish too. 


Smile. You are beautiful. See you soon

Sarah Jane has over 20 years of experience and qualifications in self-improvement, business skills, training, and managing transformational change projects across public services. She is a certified and accredited (ACCPH) Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach.  She uses a holistic approach of the directive and non-directive Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools and therapies to achieve great results with her clients.

Sarah Jane inspires and frees people who feel that they are stuck or have got lost along the way. She empowers them to see their adversity as strength and uses it a catalyst to change their future by appreciating themselves, living a harmonious life and adding value to the world. Her aim is to empower her clients to choose the life tools that are right for them and activate them so they can thrive and flourish in all areas of their life.

Sarah Jane also develops life skills programmes for different audiences to enable them to live a safe, happy and harmonious life as they move through life experiences.




Sarah Jane Woods – Coach for women
Sarah Jane Woods – Coach for women
Sarah Jane Woods – Coach for women