Introducing Sarah Jane

I have lived and worked in the beautiful county of Dorset all my life. Through experiences of homelessness, divorce, single parenthood, multiple career changes and healing family relationships, I have learned an effective skillset of coaching, training and therapeutic change skills.

I have been working with women in personal development and service design for over 20 years through training, coaching and project management across public services. 

It is through this work, and my own personal development, that I have noticed; it is how we feel about ourselves, and how we learn to change our emotional responses that makes the real difference to our quality of life and achieving meaningful success.

I am an experienced Life Coach, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integrated Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a member of the ACCPH and IEMT Associations.

Judgement, Anxiety and Pressure

As l travelled this life path, I learned how keep pursuing more – thinking I could only be happy when I had achieved X or Y.   

  I found it hard to relax, and let go of things and I would constantly overwhelm myself with striving for improvements…more money, more things, more knowledge, more validation which just led me to more judgement, anxiety and even more pressure. This was a state of being I got really good at, you might say, an expert in my field. 

  I told myself that everyone else was right and I must be wrong…or weird…or just different. I was my own harshest critic, not appreciating who I truly was and what value I could bring to the world.  

Finding internal peace

I noticed a correlation between the amount of change that was happening either at work or in my personal life and stress. But the deeper truth was, that I didn’t like myself very much and I judged myself “as not good enough”.  

I finally found peace when I started my journey of self appreciation…I found that I had a lot of experiences and poor choices to heal from and let go, a lot to forgive myself for and much to accept…It was challenging, heart-breaking and astonishing and it was the best thing I ever did.  I now feel so much joy as I am able to give that gift of peace to others.  

“Forgiveness is not about forgetting. Forgiveness is about remembering without the pain” 

Why "Emotional Health"?

I am a nature nut, preferring adventures close to home; getting lost in the woods or paddling in the sea and I have always found my deep connection to nature soothing and calming and such a joyful place. It brings me back into a place of balance when I feel the whole world is against me. 

From a young age, I was taught to ignore my emotions, but neuroscience tells us that they drive our energy, our habits and every decision that we make. They influence both our physical and mental health. 

When we can identify, appreciate and change the way we respond to our emotions, we find a peace and certainty within and that is when our lives truly transform. We have nothing to hide, nothing to fear and nothing to prove as we find happiness and success on our own terms. We can look after our bodies and minds much more effectively.  

I share my home with my wonderful husband and soul mate of 16 years, and 2 very fluffy cats. We live a simple but wonderful life as we build our dreams and create our lives together.   

Wherever our life paths may cross, I wish you a happy day and a flourishing future. It is there for the taking when you are ready. 

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