Flourish Circles

The Flourish Circle is a space to explore, learn and practice different tools and techniques to keep you well and living your best life. It is a place for you to step out of “busy”, relax, learn and adapt to life’s challenges.

In circle, everyone is encouraged to participate as they wish without judgement around a theme. We are all there to listen and learn, consider each other’s views and perspectives. Then take away what we need.

Virtual Events – Once a month in depth facilitated exploration of a wellbeing topic or tool.

Schedule for 2021/2022

Face to Face Events

Organisations in Dorset can book a facilitated Flourish Circle to increase wellbeing for their clients or their teams, or why not both? Learning to listen to one another and see different perspectives in a facilitated space helps to:

  • Create common understanding.
  • Develop flourishing relationships.
  • Work better together
  • Develop better services.