Emotional Health

Are you happy with your life but find yourself haunted by the past, or triggered into irrational emotional responses which you later regret? 

The way we feel, think and act all comes down to how well we can identify and respond to our emotions.  

Who we are today, is based upon the way our brain has processed and stored our past experience. 

Explore the problem

We store negative memories with an element of fear. The more traumatic the memory, the more fear we store. When triggered, these fears can automatically overtake us by flooding us with an emotional response before logic and reason has a chance to kick in. This is natural function of our brain when it recognises something as a threat to our safety.  

The problem is we are so used to “being” this way, we cannot often see the pattern, we just know it can have negative outcomes and this can hold us back. 

Desensitise the past

Integrated Eye Movement Therapy explores and desensitises negative emotions, thoughts and actions, by recalibrating memory imprints through a precise series of eye movements. It then updates your identity and helps you to move into the future with a different response. 

It is usually very effective in clarifying “how you learnt to feel or be” this way. This then eases the path to making successful change.  

The therapy is brief and content free, so you do not have to share any details of your experience with me.  

I observe your patterns of behaviour, which you may not be aware of, but which keep you from making the changes you desire. 

This therapy can be stand alone or it can complement other longer-term therapies. It can help to bring about remarkable changes for clients who have not had sufficient results with other methods such as CBT, counselling or life coaching and I can work as part of your healthcare team to help ease stubborn emotional blocks. 

Feel better

IEMT is a brief deep change therapy about removing the negative stress we put on ourselves, so that we feel better. In just 2 sessions, many women feel lighter and visibly look younger once their burdens have been laid to rest. You will not lose the memories from your past, they are a vital part of who you are. However, now they will not stop you fulfilling your full potential.   

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My service is discreet, flexible and tailored to you. Book your free consultation to enquire which services are right for your needs, and to ensure that we feel comfortable to work together.