Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Let’s Get You Flourishing!

Life coaching helps you to move forwards if you feel stuck or overwhelmed after major life transitions.

You may be experiencing a general dissatisfaction with life, low self-worth, fatigue, anxiety, conflict or resistance to change.

Life coaching is not a replacement for professional mental health care or medical care. Life coaching may compliment your treatment, but working with a life coach is primarily meant to be done when major emotional and psychological wounds are already healing or healed.

My professional life coaching service gives you a safe personal space to understand and explore the impact of your thoughts, emotions, relationships and environments on your health and wellbeing. It aims to break you free of old belief systems and behaviours which are holding you back from happiness, harmony and success…which I call flourishing!

Clarity Call

Online / Telephone

20 mins

Are you curious about what having a Life Coach could do for you? 

This call gives you the opportunity to talk to me about what you want to achieve and how I can help. 

There is no obligation to continue, however If you decide to work with me, we can start the process and book your next session.

Discovery Session

£ 69
Zoom Online / Telephone

45 mins

If required, bespoke follow up packages and costs to be agreed between client and coach after this session.

A great place to start

This session can be used as a taster to work on an issue you are experiencing in a specific situation and acts as a confidence boost to build a plan of action and give you some practical tools to get results.

Use it as a quick top up or a place to dip your toe into life coaching for the first time.

Breakthrough Session

£ 149
Online / Telephone

90 mins

This is all client led and worked through at your pace.

If required, bespoke follow up packages and costs to be agreed between client and coach after this session.

Breakthrough to Success

In this session, you will have more time to relax,  say what you need to say and explore your world safely, without fear of judgement or reprisal. I will guide you to find your own truth through questions that reframe, refocus and realign you to your authentic self. This session is deeper and will help you to break free of limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back from achieving success. We will take a life audit to:

  • Identifying where you can make the biggest impacts
  • Finding your purpose and your why
  • Visualising your success
  • Discovering what is holding you back
  • Challenging your thinking and beliefs
  • Prioritising actions into a plan to move you forwards

At the end of the breakthrough session we will agree any further support you may need going forwards and tailor any future sessions  to get you to where you want to be.


£ 75

*only available after a full breakthrough session

Optional extra available after your breakthrough session

Enjoy a personalised relaxing visualisation of your success that you can return to for daily motivation.

This bespoke guided meditation usually lasts between 10 and 15 mins and is an optional extra based on the content of your breakthrough session.

It is easily downloadable and available within 7-10 days so that you can listen daily and flourish into your future.

Flourish Coaching

£ 99 Per hour

Online | Telephone

Frequency, number of sessions and method of connection to be agreed between client and coach

Min 24 hrs pre booking required

Existing clients only

My aim is always to ensure you can empower yourself as much as possible into your future. After your breakthrough session, regular 1:1 coaching sessions are recommended for you if you are undertaking  major changes in your life and you need to stay focused and accountable.

These sessions give you a personal check-in with me to celebrate your success, refresh your plan, overcome challenges and keep your motivation topped up through the tougher times.

3 month, 6 month and 12 months packages are available at a discounted rate.

Go Flourish
Team Events

Costs dependent on your requirements, preparation time and and advance notice periods

Do you lead a team which is flagging in motivation? 


I offer bespoke motivational team events where I work closely with you to deliver value to your workforce. 

From a one hour motivational speech to a whole team away day. Contact for further details and availability.