Life Coaching: New You, New Life!

No matter how successful we are, we all need help sometimes. Life often brings us challenges which can effect our confidence and wellbeing such as workplace stress, divorce, our children leaving home or caring for aging parents.

Addressing our own needs is a challenge for many women. When we are constantly juggling a long task list of priorities at home and work, our own wellbeing and personal achievements are usually last on the list and we can feel stuck in an endless life of fatigue. Our options for change feel limited or even impossible. You may be experiencing a general dissatisfaction with life, low self-worth, fatigue, anxiety, conflict or resistance to change. 

Life coaching can help by bringing you back into a healthy balance between your home life and career. Coaching helps you though the transition, keeping you on track, so you can get from where you are now to where you want to be in manageable steps.

What will your success story be?

Whether you are climbing up the corporate ladder, starting your own business or wanting to retire, I’ve got you covered with a tailored package of coaching and integrated therapies to overcome your hurdles and to create a successful outcome. 

 You can:

  • Build a new life 
  • Create a healthier lifestyle
  • Transition career or seek promotion
  • Reenergise your relationships 
  • Create your retirement plan


Design your future

Our lives are complex, but anything is possible! We start by taking an in depth look at who you are now, what you are currently doing, and what success looks like for you.  We then prioritise the changes you want to make into a plan of action.

Activate new habits

Change always means doing things differently, which can feel really uncomfortable and counterintuitive at first. As you step into your future, we use our sessions to explore the impact of your thoughts, emotions, relationships and environments on the changes you are making and take this at your pace. This will break you free of old belief systems and behaviours which are holding you back.

Achieve success

Your success will be defined by the outcomes you want to achieve. These maybe short-term goals, or longer-term outcomes, and through our sessions we will celebrate the milestones on your journey, overcome the obstacles, adjust your goals in alignment with any changing priorities, and keep you focussed and accountable to achieve success.