Shaking up Wellbeing in the Workplace

You know that your people are the heartbeat of your business. Their wellbeing means your success.

If you are a forward-thinking organisation in Dorset who would like to invest in the wellbeing of your staff, then this could be the consultancy service for you!

Here at the Flourish Centre we know that emotional health matters at work and stress is at epidemic proportions.

The consultancy package includes:

  • Instant access booking – 3 private slots per week for Individuals who are struggling at work.
  • 12x Flourish Circles – monthly wellbeing training and exploration to develop a legacy team of wellbeing activists.
  • A co -produced wellbeing strategy and development plan which meets your people and business needs.

Our approach

  • We make no assumptions in what will work for your business and your people. Your wellbeing strategy takes 12 months to create and put into practice
  • We apply a proven framework being developed through the #behumankind movement, to develop a legacy team of wellbeing activists.
  • The development plan builds on what your staff think you already do well.
  • The practical support we provide your staff through appointments and monthly training gives deeper insights into where you can make improvements.
  • The strategy becomes a working document for your wellbeing activists to develop into the future.
  • Contracts are limited to 2 organisations at any one time to maintain highest levels of quality for you and your staff.

Are you interested?

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