Stress Release: Relax and Unwind

When things get really tough, we sometimes cannot take the time to really relax and unwind. Our brains take over with multiple to “do” lists and there just never seems enough time in the day, our sleep is interrupted and we feel wired and more easily irritated.

Some women live like this constantly, particularly if they have ongoing caring responsibilities or are in a highly stressful career. The problem is that we get so used to living in a stress response that after a period of time, it can have a detrimental effect on our health, wellbeing, and our relationships and can lead to burnout. 

Connecting with nature is a great way of helping us to come back to our natural balance. But even if we do find time to walk, we can be wound up into our own heads, barely noticing the beauty of what is going on around us. To gain maximum benefit, we need to learn to connect mindfully and be fully present in the experience.

The popularity of Nature Connection and Forest Bathing is growing and it can be enjoyed alone, in groups or with family and friends. I use NLP and the latest finding in nature connection research so you can learn to use this to your best advantage and manage any ongoing stress levels more effectively. 

Mindful Walk and Talk

Are you having trouble sleeping?  

Stress release coaching takes advantage of the proven benefits of nature connection and NLP coaching to help you to deeply relax and unwind.  

We sit or walk in nature together or we can be in separate locations using the telephone. Many women find that this creates a discreet safe space where they feel able to speak more freely, especially surrounded in the comfort and beauty of nature.

Personalised Meditation

Regular meditation, breathwork and visioning is one of the best ways to learn to unwind and relax, and keep you focused on what is important.  

Practising this daily when you wake and when you go to sleep can become a sanctuary for connecting to self, letting things go and creating more calm in your life.  

If you have tried meditation before, but found it challenging, we can take some time to work through any resistance as it can feel uncomfortable at first. 

Enjoy a personalised mediation to keep you focussed on the changes you are making in between our sessions.

Flourish Circles - New in 2021

Our emotions can have a huge impact on our lives. 

Group coaching and workshops are currently being developed and will be available in 2021 so do watch this space.